Hand warmer and power bank

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Maoxin Digital Display Temperature Hand Warmer & Power Bank


●Material: Fireproof ABS, high thermal conductive aluminum alloy

●Battery Capacity: 5000mAh

●Input: 5V/2A

●Size: 69*74*34mm

●Weight: 200g

●Function: Warm hand & charge phones

●Package Include: 1 Power Bank, 1 USB Cable, 1 Velvet Bag

Q1: Warm only one side or double side?

A1: Warm whole the hand warmer.

Q2: When will the hand warmer reach the temperature of 52℃?

A2: After you turn on the hand warmer mode, it will show the real time temperature of around, then heat to 52℃, approximately need 30s-1min, then keep 52℃. (If the environment temperature is too low, it need more time to heat, which is normal.)

Q3: How long will the hand warmer keep warm?

A3: When it is full charged, it can keep warm for 3.5h-4.5h under 20 ℃.

Q4: Is it safe to use?

A4: The temperature is controlled by chips automatically when charging, fireproof ABS material also protect it from high temperature.

Q5: How to switch the handwarmer mode and power bank mode?

A5: There is 2 button on it, press the right button for 3s, it begins warm, and digital display the temperature. Also press the right button for 3s to turn off warm mode. Press the left button to turn on power bank mode, and digital display the electricity.

Q6: How to charge it?

A6: There is 1 input and 1 output interface on the right side, there will be a micro usb cable in the package for you to change it.

Q7: Why the temperature will be low after get 52 ℃?

A7: It is high temperature protection function, when the hand warmer get 52 ℃, it will stop heating, if you feel the temperature is not warm enough, you can turn it on again.

(It will be different according to the environment temperature, for saving and safety, please don't turn it on when not in use. More questions welcome to contact us.)